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So you’re on Muscle Forever which means I know one thing for sure, you know that push ups are incredibly powerful at building muscle mass all over your body and help in your body fat loss goals. If you’re looking to do a ‘body recomp’ (simultaneously lose fat and build muscle) then what are you waiting for! You should already have the Push Ups Program downloaded on your phone and ready to go! 

The power of the push up allows you to target every muscle in your body, whether actively or passively (stabiliser muscles). Not to mention, with the push up you can change the feel and emphasise the exercise by modifying your hand positioning. From wide to diamond they will build muscle, burn fat and carve you out of stone!

I used just Push Ups for my chest, shoulders, triceps, back – every muscle. Through doing daily reps I got in awesome shape. We’re talking way better than any other bodybuilding routine I’d tried in the past, and oh man, did I need to lose that belly! Push ups are your strongest ally when it comes to building thick slabs of muscle in the fastest way possible.

I had a 37 inch waist (yeah, you read that right), things weren’t looking good but within weeks I’d got ripped up with just a simple and quick workout routine AND I still ate filling and satisfying foods.

I had a holiday booked, Vitamin D was needed! Despite looking forward to it, I was very much out of shape and as a result my waist had crept up to the aforementioned 37 inches which was so damn frustrating. Mainly because I was training hard everyday (had been for many years) and was ‘eating correctly’. Why didn't I look like Zac Efron or Ryan Gosling!? Sure I was bigger (fatter) and stronger but was far from rocking a Hollywood body.

As you can see I looked like I hated the gym. I was no way near ‘beach ready’ to say the least. Looking back I clearly had a problem with golden syrup oat sachets. I used to get up in the middle of the night and eat them, sometimes dry, up to ten sachets a night! Intermittent Fasting saved me for sure.

We have such unrealistic and high expectations of what is actually attainable (thanks Instagram!) that we end up overeating and over working out. This continues until we finally run out of will power. The result? At best you become a slightly stronger, chubbier version of yourself. I know I did. Most realistically – tired, fat, injured and ready to quit.

It wasn’t until I stripped my training right back to the basics, to the foundations and went minimalist by focusing on just Push Ups with my form and technique that I finally got the results I’d been trying to achieve for years.

As my fitness obsession grew I decided to write the Push Ups Program. The workout routine is simple and effective and the diet enjoyable, bottom line – it just WORKS.

I needed something that confirmed I wasn’t wasting my time and that it was possible to rock that hollywood physique without a personal trainer, chef, nutritionist and all round team! So, I put it all together in a Downloadable PDF Ebook.

‘Simplicity is the key to brilliance’ – Bruce Lee

☑️Push Ups Program

☑️Fight Club Program

☑️Summer Shred Program

You won’t be a slave to the gym and you’ll feel an immense sense of achievement by the end of the programs.  

If you want a great looking and feeling body with a direct plan of action to follow then check out the programs today.