My name’s Will and I love all things health and fitness.

However after years of spinning my wheels and trying all the different workouts and diets I STILL didn't have the results I wanted...


I started doing push ups everyday including diamond push ups and by perfecting this move along with applying a solid nutrition protocol ended up losing 50 lbs of body fat.

This lead me to put together The Diamond Push Up Program and currently two other awesome programs (Fight Club and Summer Shred) to help others build muscle and lose fat.

My programs will tell you - what to eat, when to eat and how to work out to get the body you’ve always wanted.

Simple and effective

You won’t be a slave to the gym and you’ll feel an immense sense of achievement by the end of the program.  

If you just want a great looking body with a straight forward plan of action then check out the programs today, they won't disappoint!