1. Why is the program discounted?

With Covid-19 and us all in lockdown, now is the perfect time to discover the power of push ups and how they can radically change your body.

With everyone stuck at home and all the gyms closed it seemed only right to offer such a big discount.

2. How did the program come about?

I spent years at the gym and ended up with 37 inch waist! I read about famous actors doing just push ups to transform their body for movies and decided to thoroughly research push ups and nutrition and was blown away by the results!

3. How quickly can I see results?

After YEARS in the gym I never looked 'beach ready'. Upon starting my program I was beach ready in a matter of weeks! WEEKS! There's a reason why movie stars use them to get ready for a role, they work and they work fast!

4. Will I build muscle or lose fat?

BOTH! I built muscle mass all over my body AND dropped 50lbs of fat, all in time for my vacation!

5. Do you offer personalised programs?

Yes, the Summer Shred Program is a 4 week personalised plan, custom made just for you based on your height, weight, age, dietary requirements and body goals.