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The Fight Club Program

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This program focuses exclusively on building the Brad Pitt Fight Club body.

The physique that Brad Pitt rocks in 'Fight Club' is widely regarded as 'THE best' in terms of having just the right amount of muscle mass with a low level of body fat. 🙌

The Fight Club Program will get you THREE Brad Pitt essentials: 

✅Iron Chest 

✅Wide Back (V-Taper)

✅Six Pack Abs

Now YOU can workout and eat like Brad Pitt too.

The PDF eBook includes:

  • ☑️Six Day Split (Workout Routine including Sets, Reps, Rest Times)
  • ☑️Two Day Split (Workout Routine including Sets, Reps, Rest Times) (Can be done at home with Dumbbells and Pull Up/Dip Station)
  • ☑️Fight Club Bodyweight Workout (The All Bodyweight Workout Routine to build a Brad Pitt body using just your bodyweight)
  • ☑️Diet, Macronutrient Percentages and Meal Plan to get ‘Fight Club’ shredded.

Brad Pitt - Fight Club

Brad Pitt - Body Transformation


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